damska torebka, co kobieta ma w torebce

What does a woman have in her bag? Polish for Beginners – useful vocabulary and listening

My husband never touches my bag, not to mention putting his hand into it. He is afraid that something may bite him. Who knows? If I have some crumbles from…

Polish - 6 frequency adverbs

6 frequency adverbs in Polish to talk about daily routines – listening exercise

You may consider daily routines and habits as boring, but in fact they are a great topic for first conversations. When you don’t know a person well, you can ask…

Polish as a foreign language - shopping

Polish – improve your language skills by watching a funny advertisement

Advertisements are a good source of useful vocabulary for those who learn a foreign language. Don’t worry if you don’t understand at first. Commercials are so short that it is…


Listening task – visit Polish4English and improve your skills

The best way to improve your language skills is to listen. This helps you to get used to the melody of the language. You can repeat words or the whole…

Dzien Kobiet dzisiaj

Dzień Kobiet / Women’s Day – is it still celebrated in Poland?

8 March is Women’s Day without any doubt. Although associated with the communist times, this day is still widely celebrated in Poland. Actually, women of various ages expect men to…

Polish verbs - conjugation

6 Polish verbs which will help you to introduce yourself

You are visiting your friends in Poland and you want to introduce yourself in Polish? Or maybe you are starting your job, school, or studies in Poland soon? These six…


Pierniki / Gingerbread Cookies

There is no real Christmas without gingerbread cookies. In Poland, we make them with honey and a special mixture of spices: ginger (of course), cinnamon, carnations, nutmeg, pimento, cardamom and…

Andrzejki - lanie wosku

Andrzejki – Saint Andrew’s Eve

Saint Andrew is the patron saint of several countries, including Scotland and Greece. The feast is usually celebrated on the 30th of November, but not in Poland. The night of…

Wszystkich Świętych Poland

All Saints’ Day – Poland

What is Wszystkich Świętych Wszystkich Świętych (All Saints’ Day), celebrated on the 1st of November is an important holiday in Poland. This day is devoted to those who passed away….


ROBIĆ (do/make) – draw your learning process

Robić (do/make) is one of the most often used verbs in Polish. It’s worth learning the conjugation of this verbs as well as memorizing some collocations. Robić – conjugation (present…